Saturday, October 15, 2005

Joey & Barry in UM Computer Room circa 1976 or 1977

This is a picture of Joey Vossen and Barry Miller (two of the best programmers that I know) in the University of Miami computer room. In the background you can see two Sperry Univac 770 line printers. In the foreground in front of Joey (who is sitting) is a Sperry Univac U300 console terminal. The U300 was the console device for the University's Sperry Univac 1106. As I recall the 1106 @ UM had eight U16 tape drives (seven 1600 BPI 9-Track drives and 7-Track drive use with the University's Calcomp plotter), 8440 and 8430 disk drives, two FH-432 drums and one FH-1782 drum.

The University of Miami had a Sperry Univac 1106 computer when I started there as a student in August 1976. My first full time job was as a systems programmer for the University. When I left the University in 1982 to work at Eastern Air Lines the University had a Sperry 1100/80 computer system.

My guess is that this picture was taken sometime between 1976 and 1978.


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